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A few weekends ago my husband decided to take it upon himself to repaint the ceiling in the living room.

I made him go to our local DIY store and buy some plastic sheeting to protect our valuables. Some how he still managed to cover the television, stereo and also the recently new carpet.

The whole room looked like an episode of Braniac or an explosion in a dulux factory.

The following day we bought and laid a new carpet and ive since invested in an electric long handled painting gadget !

Submitted by Julia Garmston.

Pipe ‘Down

January 8, 2013

We bought a new home at the start of last year, and we wanted a project so this meant a lot of work needed doing in order to bring it to a live-able standard.

We spent months getting it to a place where we wanted to be and ready to move in.We had on last job before hand, mounting the television to the chimney.This all went perfectly well until we drilled into the side of the chimney to run the wires through and water started to gush out.

We had drilled into the central heating pipes which emptied out onto our wooden living room floors and freshly painted walls. Water everywhere and no central heating in February meant another couple of days at my parents while we rectified our mistake.

Submitted by Mike Dean.

Dripping Wet!

January 2, 2013

My husband was popping to the shop to buy a loaf of bread and some milk and I noticed that the heated towel rail in the bathroom was slightly dripping.

So i thought to myself I will fix that drip before he’s back, it cant be that hard of a job can it?? Needless to say I only twisted the thermostat a little too far and the entire radiator emptied all over me! the floor and the walls everywhere!

I was sat on the floor soaking wet through with a hand towel for a good ten minutes before he returned home,trying to stop the water flow.

As you can imagine he was in hysterics when he returned home… The moral of this story is ‘If a job needs doing leave it to him’!

Submitted by Charlotte Dane.

Were a pair of tools!

December 18, 2012

There had been a tomato sauce disaster at our home and we decided to put a shirt in the sink to soak along with some baking soda, needless to say we had covered the plug hole.

When we went into the bathroom to check there was at least an inch of water covering the bathroom floor and the lino was curling over everywhere…

Me and my husband decided that we should pull the lino up to dry and check whether or not the floor boards were damp underneath.

We didn’t realise until we began doing it that we didn’t have to just pull the lino up but also pull the boards up covering the boards too… We didn’t have no tools in the home so the husband told me ‘not to worry’ and pulled out his swiss army knife and began pulling up the first board.

At this point the disaster begun as the board bounced backed and the knife some how double back on itself and snapped shut on his finger so badly that when he bent his finger you could see bone!!!!

Even now my husband still shows the scar on his finger and the disaster still haunts him.

Submitted by mandy Briggs.

Wardrobe disaster

December 11, 2012

Although this may not be the biggest DIY ‘disaster’ to date I thought I would share this anyway, and give you all a giggle!

Because I know i’m not the best when it comes to any form of DIY I decided paying an extra £20.00 to have my wardrobe delivered already assembled seemed like a wise option…

Although it didn’t turn out to be that simple, because the wardrobe was all ready assembled it was too big to get up the stairs, meaning it had to be taken apart anyway!

When I got upstairs I spent six hours figuring out what goes where etc. And in the end I managed to piece it together only to find that the pole for all my clothes to hang on was missing, no wardrobe is any good without anything to hang your clothes on. So in essence I wasted twenty pounds and a whole day to find out I couldnt actually use the wardrobe anyway, what a nightmare!

Submitted by Brenda Porter.

Last Christmas we were having various condensation/humidity problems in our loft and I spent a lot of time up there fixing various different things my local roofer had recommended to me.

Anyway half way through one of my ‘improvements’ I tripped on something in the flooring and BANG straight through the ceiling I went.

Luckily I was OK and we got the bedroom redecorated on our insurance, but for some reason I dont think my wife was too happy at the time!

Submitted by Paul Fiend.

I hammered it!

November 27, 2012

My flat isn’t the biggest in the world but it has plasterboard over the breeze block walls.

I simply needed to get a nail in the wall for my darts board and unfortunately my drill had died. I thought it was a simple enough job and I could hammer the nail in easily enough.

The nail bent, which in theory was always going to happen! So I tried to pull it back out which was in fact a total disaster due to the fact two breeze blocks fell out with it!

I had dust and rubble in my living room and sever worries about the whole damned building !

Submitted by Ryan Tisdale.

Burnt the carpet!

November 20, 2012

I had a layer of gloss I wanted rid of on my door, so I decided to use the paint stripper to get rid of it.

Everything was going fine, until I got to the bottom of the door… I managed to burn a lovely straight line into the carpet because I was stupid enough not to put anything under the door to protect it!

Anyway… I now have a lovely new glossy door complete with a brand new mat to hide the burns on the carpet, how smart am I??

Submitted by Lucy Askter.

A smashing surprise

November 15, 2012

We had been in need of a new television for quite a while and therefore I took it upon myself to by a new one and surprise the wife when she got home from a weekend away with friends. I Bought a 42″ Plasma Television, top of the range it was!

Seen as I had already spent all that money on the television, I thought I’d save myself a few quid and fit the wall bracket myself… After all how hard can it be?

Once the job was done and the television was hung on the wall I stood and admired what a good job I’d done.

I actually noticed though my job wasn’t quite perfect as it was hanging slightly to the right.

I thought, you wont notice it. Anyway the next day when I came home with my wife after picking her up… She got a surprise to find a smashed 42″ Plasma TV that she had never seen before sat in the middle of the living room floor.

Submitted by Kevin McDowell.

A tank disaster

November 4, 2012

When i moved into my new home i had the task of sorting through the attic to clear all the previous owners things, Unfortunately it turned out that the previous owner had in fact neglected the flooring, and as a result I tried to replace the flooring in the loft.

I made a start and removed 95% of the flooring and the insulation near the water tank. The insulation was soaked, and I called in a plumber to have a look what was wrong.

Turns out i actually removed the supporting wood braces for the water tank as a result the water tank came crashing through the ceiling, and put a large hole in the floor below/ground floor ceiling.

Due to the fact that the previous owners allowed it all to rot and the braces were sodden, when I called the insurers they refused to pay out. £12’000 later and the better part of a month repairing this, it is fixed, but it is still a story that makes me grind my teeth at the frustration of it all.

Submitted by Josh White .