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roof felt goes the other way!

August 8, 2011

My now husband was doing a favour for a friend of mine that we know from the pub, a few years before we got together, while he was between jobs.

He thought the job was pretty straightforward – re-felt his shed roof and then give the shed a fresh coat of staining while the owner was away for the weekend.   Should have taken him a couple of hours for some pocket money.

He did the job during the saturday and was pretty pleased with himself when i met him in the pub that night.

When our mate got back on the sunday night he then called him to ask him if he was busy on the monday because hed spend 2 hours putting the roof felt on upside down and it needed doing again!

Ive never seen roof felt but im told that they are pretty easy to tell which way round is right, but apparently not for my husband.

Its fair to say everything he does in my house is supervised now!

Submitted by Paula.

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