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shelves in a cupboard not to plan!

January 28, 2011

My recent funny story goes a bit like this; I had an extension build on my house for a new kitchen and had the boiler relocated in the move. This meant that the old cupboard with the boiler in was now ready to be used for more storage in the hallway.

The other night, roughly about 6 months after the relocation… I finally get round to fitting some shelves into the cupboard for the usual piles of bedding and towels that we have to keep but never use… Anyway, I measured up, got the drill out to put some rawplugs in for the screws on the shelf supports. 20 minutes later I was all done and had 4 new shelves in the cupboard. Job done I thought.

Later that night my teenage daughter shouts for me whilst she’s in her bedroom, I walk in and she points to her bed which is now covered in dust and bits of plaster from the wall!

Because it was dark when I was drilling and there were no lights on in the rooms I never noticed when I was drilling that I had gone all the way through! She wasn’t best pleased and demanded it to be cleaned up instantly – which wasn’t the best way to spend half an hour!
This was only a few nights ago, so I haven’t figured out a solution for the wall yet, but I thought it was worth sharing when I saw your blog come up on twitter today!

Submitted by Chris.

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