Not all DIY disasters happen during remodels or when attempting repairs. Model making is an ideal way to keep yourself busy, but no matter if you are new to it or a seasoned builder there are a couple of mistakes that can easily take your build from fun to frustrating.

When my girlfriend and I moved into our first ‘purchased’ home we felt the kind of ‘house proud’, that only the newly mortgaged feel. Being a DIY disaster merchant, that’s the only reason I can offer as to why I would attempt to build a fireplace. Our house was a new […]

Step 1: Convince wife that you can do this project yourself. Spend lots of time on YouTube and realize you’re an expert in this project. Analyze and decide that some of the peoples on YouTube don’t know what they are talking about, but you do. Step 2: Cost out the […]

In 2002 I put an offer in on a small Victorian house in the centre of Huddersfield that I planned to renovate. I went into a frenzy ripping out bathroom suites, pulling down plasterboard, black lime plaster, and dated interior decor. There were old kitchen tiles, decrepit paving slabs, cheap […]

Once upon a time there was a heavily pregnant woman who was left alone in a house with unfinished DIY by her husband who had to go away for a couple of days… This particular husband had also left explicit instructions to his heavily pregnant wife, not to meddle with […]

My sister and brother-in-law have a solarium attached to their home that has been unfinished for 8 years. They have had intentions of renovating it, but I get the impression that the project is overwhelming. It is currently two levels and is enclosed with a glass structure that leaks by […]

This week we bought a new American Style Fridge Freezer and it needed water supply.Well toilet was in room above and 10mm was big enough so needed to cut channel down the wall. I got two hack saws and sawed down each side so I could bury the pipe in […]