My DIY disaster isn’t so much of a DIY mistake, more of a general mistake on my part after doing some DIY. Its not as good as the other stories on here, but ill add it anyway. I’d spent the afternoon doing the finishing touches to painting my daughters room, job […]

I have a quick story that still makes me laugh every time I think about it. Whilst me and my wife were decorating the living room in our old house for the first time, we made sure we had all the best utensils to make the job as easy as […]

We were getting a new sofa delivered. Nightmare 1, First of all the sofa wouldnt fit through the door so the only alternative was to pass it through the front window… We couldnt get a professional out to do it for ages! My husband had done this once before so he […]

We were having a number of different problems within our loft, including condensation and insulation. So we contacted our local roofer and he recommended various different ‘fixes’. My husband said he would take a look and try to amend the problems himself, which was a worry in itself to be honest. […]

I moved into my house to years ago, and now I’ve been there a while I decided it was time for an extension, and thought a new kitchen would be a great idea, then I’ll be able to make room for a playroom for the kids. Anyway I rang a […]

My flat isn’t the biggest in the world but it has plasterboard over the breeze block walls. I simply needed to get a nail in the wall for my darts board and unfortunately my drill had died. I thought it was a simple enough job and I could hammer the […]

My husband fancies himself of a bit of a DIY fanatic and he decided to install some new kitchen cupboards. When he told me he had to cut his nice kitchen cupboards I was worried and understandably so. He got his saw out and began cutting the worktop in half…. […]