Last week I went round to a mates as he had been painting and decorating his kitchen as a bit of a surprise for the wife’s return. I got round then to find the walls were a bright orange colour, and I thought it was a bit of a strange choice for a kitchen? […]

My husband was popping to the shop to buy a loaf of bread and some milk and I noticed that the heated towel rail in the bathroom was slightly dripping. So i thought to myself I will fix that drip before he’s back, it cant be that hard of a […]

I decided to have laminate flooring installed into my old property. I then laid down batons across the edges of my floor and a block across my 2″ step, i then decided to screw the wooden block down with some 5″ screws… I first of all thought i better run […]

Me and my brother clubbed together and bought a cheap house that was in need of completely gutting and starting again, which meant most of nights and weekends for a few months had a new purpose whilst we did our best to sort out the refit as cheaply as possible. We tried […]

My girlfriend recently purchased a ride-on, toy dog with wheels as a Christmas present for her one year old niece. The said dog arrived as a box of separate components. I stayed well out of the assembly process, as my flat-pack rage is legendary. She happily constructed the toy herself, and […]

Firstly – great site – some funny stories on here! My story – I was decorating the main bedroom in our house last summer. Spend the first stripping off the old wallpaper to reveal a really really old coat of green paint on the walls. knowing i only had another […]

My wife had been moaning for sometime now about the state of our back garden; with that in mind I decided it was time to sort it out. I began laying a patio & cutting flagstones with a 9″ angle grinder. While I was cutting one of the flagstones a […]

I was outside sanding down some old doors before giving them a lick of paint one afternoon -I was using a belt sander that id hired for the job. All of the sudden the breaker must have tripped and cut the power, so naturally I placed the sander on the patio […]

I recently had a professional in to convert my kitchen into a larger space, he did a really good job and I was really happy with the price too! It links up with the hallways, and there used to be wallpaper previously on all of the walls. I had the […]