diy doggy disaster

My girlfriend recently purchased a ride-on, toy dog with wheels as a Christmas present for her one year old niece. The said dog arrived as a box of separate components. I stayed well out of the assembly process, as my flat-pack rage is legendary.

She happily constructed the toy herself, and everything was fine until she had to add the wheels. These required a little ‘brute force’ to press them onto the ends of the axles. I reluctantly fetched my hammer from the garage and proceeded to attach the wheels. Each of them clicked into place without a hitch.

Feeling confident with my success, I said “I bet you haven’t tightened any of screws up”, and started to tighten up the screws which secured the dog’s head to its body. The screws turned easily. In fact the last one turned really easily as the screw head sheared off!

I was mortified.

To be fair to my girlfriend, she didn’t shout at me as she spent the next hour exchanging emails with the manufacturer, but she certainly wasn’t best pleased. I was well and truly ‘in the dog house’.

Submitted by Gareth Hanson.


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