Drilling Disaster

I decided to have laminate flooring installed into my old property. I then laid down batons across the edges of my floor and a block across my 2″ step, i then decided to screw the wooden block down with some 5″ screws…

I first of all thought i better run it over with my metal detector just to ensure it was safe… Nothing. Next of all i drilled about 5″ down and the drill cut out, i thought this was strange as i’d never had problems with it in the past.I then noticed that the RCD has tripped off. This surely must have been the drill, perhaps it was a power surge …flick back the RCD and try again…yes…it still trips, which is very odd. So i thought if i leave it over night and try again tomorrow it should be fine…

I then reactivated the switch before going to bed, and around 4am i was woken by a loud BANG!! It has tripped again…At this point i realised i had done enough damage myself and i decided it was time to ring the electrician and he straight away confirmed that the ring main was concreted over just below the surface but beyond my metal detector’s reach and that he though I had half drilled the cable exposing bare wire.

What a disaster all over putting some laminate flooring down!

Submitted by Kieth Sugden.


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