how to unclog a sink without getting your hands wet…

Frustrated from trying to unclog the kitchen drain one evening, I decided to try something “new”. Usually I would use a empty soda can or something similar to create a slight pressurized force to clear the drain of debris. But I was too tired to move the dirty dishes out of the way to lift up the rack, which partially blocks the drain.

Next to the sink I eyed an a long, grilling skewer that had a wooden handle and a rod 1/4″ thick. The rod was made out of metal with a very, very dull tip on the end. Thinking I won’t even get my hands wet, I swiftly but gently poked the skewer into the drain a few times. I say gently because I really didn’t know how far down the P trap was. Soon I heard the wonderful sound of water running and I was so delighted how clever I was.

Suddenly the water flowing sounded funny, kind of strange. I looked at the sink and the water line was decreasing so I opened up the cabinet under the sink to see water streaming out of the bottom of the p trap! Just then the whole bottom of the p trap ripped opened and all the water flowed out of the pipe, through the cabinet and onto the floor. Nothing like the feeling of dirty sink water with strands of spaghetti & kernels of corn rushing around my bare feet. All the cleaning supplies stored under the sink were bathed in this murky water as well.

So after cleaning up the mess, I was inspecting the failed p trap pipe. I then noticed the walls of the pipe were paper thin. This made me feel better realizing I wasn’t entirely at fault but years of liquid drain cleaner used prior to us owning the house was. So after the new p trap was bought & installed the next evening, I was admiring my handiwork as I ran a rag over the entire drain pipe thinking the repair didn’t take long at all. That’s when I noticed the 2, 1 inch long tears that ran vertically along in the straight pipe of the drain next to the p trap. The walls of the pipe were so worn thin, the back of the wrench must of broken through during the repair. So looking back I realized after the second trip to the store, after the second repair, and the second inspection, I realized wet fingers are better than wet toes any day!

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