Our smashing new sofa!

We were getting a new sofa delivered.

Nightmare 1, First of all the sofa wouldnt fit through the door so the only alternative was to pass it through the front window… We couldnt get a professional out to do it for ages!

My husband had done this once before so he thought he would give it a go. This meant getting the delivery men to leave the brand new sofa on the front lawn (which is far from ideal).

So my husband called one of his friend who came round to help. The window started painfully creaking! And I mean really creaking…

It was okay at first… Then CRACK the full window had shattered into pieces… Not only was my new dream sofa on the grass outside but it was also covered in glass and we didnt have a front window any more!

And just as I thought nothing else could possibly go wrong… The rain started pouring down just to add insult to injury.

Submitted by Eve Warwick.


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