paint stripper is not handwash

My DIY disaster isn’t so much of a DIY mistake, more of a general mistake on my part after doing some DIY. Its not as good as the other stories on here, but ill add it anyway.

I’d spent the afternoon doing the finishing touches to painting my daughters room, job completed successfully and she was thrilled with the job which was nice.

I was finished for the day, when I realised that my hands were covered in dried yellow paint, so without thinking I grabbed the white spirits and walked to the sink and gave it a quick squirt on both of them to help remove the paint. It took a matter of seconds before it started to sting like you wouldn’t believe!

Thankfully I was over the sink so I got to stick my hands under the taps sharpish and the stinging started to calm down a bit, but they were a bright red colour for the best part of an hour afterwards…

I suppose looking back it did actually get the paint off my hands…and a layer of skin underneath the paint!

Submitted by Craig Spears.


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