professionals can have DIY disasters at home!

Firstly let me say that I am a kitchen joiner, and last week I was replacing the ceramic tiles in my own kitchen, to finish off the full kitchen refit. I had done a bit more than half of the floor with no problems when I needed to cut a piece to fit it into a corner.

As it was only a little bit off, and as I am a “professional” joiner, I got the jigsaw out and lent the tile on the edge of the kitchen worktop and started cutting without thinking too much about it.

It worked a treat, and off I went to finish the job, until the wife walked in 10 minutes later and pointed out I had also cut a strip a line in the wooden kitchen worktop!

I guess I’m lucky that I fitted it so I can replace it pretty cheaply when I get round to it, but it shows even professionals can have DIY disasters at home!

Submitted by Phil.


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