Put down the nail gun and step away from the wardrobe

Just found this site, thought I would share a story.

A few years back me and my dad were putting a flat pack wardrobe together. The instructions looked easy so off we went at 100mph to get it done with our typical confident man attitude.

With most of it up quickly and looking good to finish in record time, we only had the back to put on. The rest of the wardrobe was screws and dowels, but the back needed to be fixed with nails although the hammer was nowhere to be seen. Rather than looking too hard for the hammer we decided to use the nearest thing to us, a nail gun.

So off we went fixing the back with the nail gun with no problems until we got to the bottom. Looking back we probably should have turned the wardrobe around to make it easier to get the nail in straight, but instead we carried on. Basically my dad was leaning down to put one of the last few nails in whilst holding his hand underneath the bottom panel to hold it steady, but for some reason he decided that this nail should go through the wardrobe AND the top of his finger! So after spending the rest of the day in A&E removing a nail from the end of his finger we decided to leave the rest of the wardrobe for another day, and now I understand why they never mention nail guns in flat pack instructions!

Submitted by Darren Wilkes.


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