Saw the Light Switch

This week we bought a new American Style Fridge Freezer and it needed water supply.Well toilet was in room above and 10mm was big enough so needed to cut channel down the wall. I got two hack saws and sawed down each side so I could bury the pipe in the wall.

It was all going very well… Until i was left level with the light switch and woke up on the floor! I had not checked for cables I had never expected to find horizontal cables coming from switch although I knew it was permitted and I had a cable tracing machine but never bothered to use it.

Seems when extension was built the guy wiring had not gone up and around with strapers for two way light switch but had taken shortest route. Also no capping used so not felt anything with saw. It is now in mini trunking but same route. Also was surprised as getting such a belt I know it takes 40ms for the RCD to trip but never realised what a belt it could give you in that 40ms.

Next time I’ll be sure to use my tracker!

Submitted by Rhys Linderton.


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