Scary Solarium

My sister and brother-in-law have a solarium attached to their home that has been unfinished for 8 years. They have had intentions of renovating it, but I get the impression that the project is overwhelming. It is currently two levels and is enclosed with a glass structure that leaks by the house. The siding on the house is now rotting. The retaining wall and most of the flooring is still concrete. The stairs going outside of the house are still plywood. It is scary because it has turned into a dumpster zone and is quickly becoming a danger zone. Anything they don’t want ends up out there or they don’t have anywhere to store something it goes out there.

There are sliding glass doors to back garden, but there aren’t any stairs to get to the doors. None of the sliding doors match and it looks like one of them is supposed to be a window, but you can’t tell because there is so much “stuff” surrounding it. Oustside of the mystery “storage” in the solarium the scary part is that they have a room off of the basement that has a sliding glass door out to a room where the the ceiling is lower than the sliding glass door which also serves as the floor of the 2nd level of the solarium! More “storage” is outside of this area. The wiring hanging from the ceiling adds a “homey” touch as well. When we asked about that my brother-in-law said that was “next”.

The entire area has such potential, but where do you start? My brother-in-law says demo it and start over by adding a proper extension to the house, but my sister-in-law says it can be spared and can be a great space in their woodsy neighborhood. She is also cost conscienceous and believes that renovating would be more cost efficient than demolition and rebuilding. My brother-in-law is a self-proclaimed “do-it-yourselfer”. He takes pride in completing a project, but when you go turn on a ceiling fan for example, he will tell you not to because it is too hard to turn it off. While he does great work, some things aren’t as important to him as they are to my sister-in-law like baseboards or finishing trim.

The solarium is concerning because it is unsafe and they have had other projects come up that have taken priority. They have done so much to their house – new windows in in the main house, new siding, new bathroom, basement improvements and the list goes on. They have more to do, but this could be such an added asset to the house and such a great place to retreat I would like to see Bryan help them out. What can be done? Help!!!

Submitted by Lorrinda.


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